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about us

Bloomburg Independent School District is a place where creating well-rounded, productive members of society is at the forefront of every staff member’s mind. The staff and administration at BISD challenge all students to think at a level that goes beyond the surface of repetition and memorization to the critical thinking level of understanding and application to the real world. 

With small class sizes and a low student-to-teacher ratio, we have the unique and highly sought-after ability to create a private school environment for the price of public school education. In addition, we give our students the unique opportunity to earn up to $1500.00 upon graduation for college, technical school, military service, or any other certification program through the Bloomburg Promise Scholarship Program.

We are able to offer highly effective educational services to students from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade with various opportunities for extracurricular activities to give all students experiences outside of the classroom that can strengthen them in the future while building character through teamwork and problem-solving situations.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your child as we strive to create "The Best Small School in Texas!"



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